About Us


“Tree is my soul, the forest is my heaven, Nature is my love”

My personal purpose while creating LOFF (Las Plazuelas, Oxygen, Flora and Fauna Natural Reserve) and Dryads Castle is given back to humanity, for all the blessings I have received in this life.

What a better way to do it, tan producing oxygen and creating a haven for wildlife.

In the search for the purpose of my existence in this life, I discovered the best was to produce oxygen.

It sounds very simple, however, it has been a great challenge, since finding the place, dedicating time and necessary resources, as well as maintaining the focus day to day to fulfill this objective.

On the slopes of the Mombacho volcano – Nicaragua, I found the place to fulfill my purpose and for last 12 years, we have worked in converting a 100% livestock property into a Nature Reserve. Where before there were empty plains, today it is covered with trees and a great variety of wild species.

This is Las Plazuelas, Oxygen, Flora and Fauna Nature Reserve.

Throughout this period of transformation and interaction with Nature I discovered myself, becoming part of it, being one with it. This experience recognized sharing with the world, from here “Dryads Castle” was born in a place within our Reserve, where you can enjoy in community with the forest and experience its amazing energy, spiritual growth and becoming one with Nature.

Dryads, known from ancient Greek and is the name given to the Nymphs of the forest (called Tree Spirits), therefore, Dryads Castle is a place surrounded by trees whose spirits invite you to be part of the forest and discover yourself.

Our purpose is to contribute to the conservation and protection of the forest and its biodiversity, preservation of the different species that inhabit the Reserve and the generation of oxygen as one of the most precious resources for every living being. We contribute to the economic development of our neighboring communities. 100% of the profits generated by Dryads Castle are reinvested in the maintenance and care of the Reserve in order to guarantee its continued operation and objective to be fulfilled.


Our commitment is to contribute to the conservation and protection of the forest and its biodiversity, preservation of the flora and fauna. Leave as a legacy a change of mentality, educating and raising awareness about the immediate need to contribute to the preservation of Nature, for the vital importance they have in our ecosystems.

We offer Classic and Premium rooms. Our rooms all the same amenities, but vary by location on the property, terrace access and views. ​We have 12 rooms that when fully occupied can comfortably host up to 30 people.


Simplicity in style and with a focus on nature, our spacious comfortable rooms all count with a lounging area and private en-room bathrooms. Enjoy your views while you relax after a day of horseback riding, hiking, and boating.